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Where the passion, culinary art and great local taste blends.
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Cafe Polskie Smaki Restaurant was created out of sentiment towards Polish cuisine and Kashubian culinary tradition. It is a place for everyone who values top quality, fresh, seasonal products, and simple, yet incomparable Polish specialties. Polskie Smaki will allow anyone who values authentic, local cuisine to witness a unique slow food culinary experience, extended by restaurant's interiors - inspired by local, Kashubian tradition - as well as a breath taking view of the Sopot Pier and the Baltic Sea. The highlight of this culinary experience is compositions created by the Executive Chef, Krystian Szidel.
Entree on a white plate
Restauracja Café Polskie Smaki
Polskie Smaki enchants with Polish, traditional meals, and regional delicacies. A twist applied to them by chef Krystian, give the traditional culinary trends a unique character. The menu comprises dishes based on traditional, hundred-years-old recipes, with elements of new wave cuisine, or sous vide cooking technique. Krystian Szidel proves that Polish national and regional cuisine is unique and worth exploring. It has a solid foundation in high quality regional products and traditional recipes, which are worth re-examining and giving a different, more modern approach.
Kashubian Cuisine
Cafe Polskie Smaki Restaurant combines elements of traditional Kashubian, and Polish national cuisines, using plethora of fresh, local seasonal products. The Executive Chef, Krystian Szidel, emphasises simplicity of dishes in Polskie Smaki being the key to their allure. The main inspiration for dishes prepared in Polskie Smaki has been regional Kashubian cuisine, and richness of the Baltic Sea.
Red and blue seating in restaurant
Kashubian style interior
Apart from culinary delights, the experience is further enhanced by the atmospheric interior that reflects regional traditions. Ceramics used in the restaurant were manufactured for the sole purpose of bringing out the regional, Kashubian character of the place, and the white and blue colours give the restaurant a familiar, cosy ambience. Close distance to the famous Monte Casino walkway, the Baltic Sea, and the famous Sopot Pier, make this restaurant an ideal place for family dinner, delicious lunch, or unique supper experience. In spring and summer, enjoy our Kashubian breakfast, on a terrace with a view of the Baltic Sea.
Slow Food Polska sticker
Slow down to enjoy
Café Polskie Smaki Restaurant, under the leadership of Executive Chef Krystian Szidel, received the 2016 Slow Food recommendation, and joined a select group of restaurants that are part of the slow food movement. The Slow Food Snail Badge is awarded to places that, using local products, prepare dishes based on traditional Polish recipes, with a pinch of regional flavour. An important part of the slow food movement is promoting the culture of meal celebration. The atmosphere of Café Polskie Smaki Restaurant fits neatly into this trend.
Framed flyer for slow food
Slow Food
We are proud to be one of the few restaurants among Sopot, Gdańsk and Gdynia with Slow Food Certificate. We follow the spirit of the slow food idea and its most important goals are to let you slow down and enjoy every bite of our dish prepared for you using selected regional ingredients. Visit us and experience the one and only place in Sopot where cuisine is a dedication to traditional, yet delicious taste.